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automatic flat bed die-cutter at Nuttall Packaging Ltd

Automatic Flatbed Die-Cutter Machine

Self locking mailer packs can be manufactured to a size to suit Royal Mail guidelines, keeping your packing costs and importantly your shipping costs down.

If your product requires extra protection, we can incorporate folding buffers or divisions that fit together to separate individual items within a pack. We can produce these competitively, with cheap origination costs in large or small runs. A lot of the design jobs we get involved with are produced on this machine, have a look at some of the examples below

Work Examples


Machine Process

Cutting Formes Ready  Sheetboard Lifted UpSheetboard in HopperStackingStacking Die CutsWaste Cardboard Recycled

Have a look at the video below, board is fed automatically into the machine, it is then die-cut using the cutting forme, the waste board is cut into pieces and shaken off, the waste board travels along a conveyor belt into the waste extraction system to be recycled. The fully stripped die-cut boxes are stacked and palletised.