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Envelope Base (Fefco 0215)

Fefco 0215 – Glued

This style of box has a tuck-in top and a base that locks together. The envelope bottom allows for the rapid erection of the box without the need for glueing or taping.

This style can be modified in a number of ways:

  • Perforations (that can be torn out on arrival at your customer) on the front-facing panel to make it ‘shelf ready
  • Locking tab to aid closure of the box
  • An additional crease in the fold-down lid which means the lid can be folded inside the box to make it a display pack
  • No top flap and ‘U’ shape cutout on the front (you will have seen this style of display on many supermarket shelves)

We can print this style of box.

fefco 0215 envelope base box


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