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0426 Pizza Style

Fefco 0426 – Pizza Style Box

This box is commonly referred to as pizza style box, as the chances are, if you have eaten a takeaway pizza it has likely been delivered in a box that is this style. It is not limited to pizzas, this style of box is very often used as a mailer pack for many many different products. Please note because we are not food grade certified we are unable to manufacture boxes for direct food contact so although it is called ‘pizza style’ we could not supply for this purpose, we can, however, produce as secondary food packaging or any other use, they can be made to fit tiny components or much larger items.

Boxes are supplied flat-packed after manufacture so the number of boxes per pallet is high, meaning they are much easier to store.  This type of box is very easy to assemble (see guide below).

As with all styles of cardboard box, we manufacture we are able to print this style of box and it can be produced in different thicknesses of cardboard.

If you would like to discuss a requirement for pizza style boxes then click here for our quotation page, fill in a few details and we will call you back. If you want to give us a call then our number is 0161 872 7745, we would be happy to hear from you.

 pizza style boxes

Assembling a Pizza Style Box


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