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Types Of Cardboard Box

Nuttall Packaging supplies a range of different types of boxes that can be customised or printed to meet your individual needs. Explore our range below:

Shelf Ready Boxes

shelf ready boxesShelf ready boxes are the type of box you see on retail shelves displaying a number of products for sale. These boxes therefore typically have two functions: getting your products into stores safely, and to attractively display your products and branding. This style of box can be tailored to suit your product and pack size, either as a 1 piece transit and display case to keep costs down or with a separate overbox. Nuttall Packaging offers a number of Shelf Ready packaging options. Find out more »

Archive Boxes

archive box and lidArchive boxes are typically supplied as a separate box and lid but can also be 1 piece. This is because this style of box is designed to be stacked and stored for long periods of time. They are commonly used for document storage, self storage and other office uses. Archive boxes are generally manufactured in single wall cardboard meaning they are very cost effective, so they are cheap to make, but are incredibly robust when they are assembled. We already have tooling available for a number of common sizes. Find out more »

Box & Lid (Fefco 0300)

box and lidBox and Lid packaging in this style is supplied flat packed so is easy to store. They are manufactured with very little waste product left behind, so production is very economical. The corners require gluing, taping or stitching during assembly to hold everything in place. We can print these boxes with up to 2 colours if required, which is great for brand awareness. Find out more »

Die Cut Self Locking (Fefco 0470)

die cut boxDie cut self locking boxes are typically used for shipping small items. These boxes are both robust and quick & easy to assemble, which are the main reasons why they are used for postage. They can be printed or produced plain in white or brown corrugated board. The boxes arrive flat packed either on a pallet or strapped into manageable bundles, based on your bespoke requirements. Find out more »

Envelope Base (Fefco 0215)

envelope baseThe base on this style of box has the look of a sealed envelope when assembled. The nature of the base allows for quick construction without the need for tape or glue. This box also has a tuck-in lid that locks in nicely. We can modify this style of box in a number of ways based on your requirements.. We can add perforations to make them shelf ready, add a locking tab to aid closure, or even remove the top flap entirely to form a counter display unit. Find out more »

Five Panel Wrap (Fefco 0409)

five panel wrapThe 5 panel wrap is used for packaging long, narrow products. This box can be manufactured using single or double wall corrugated cardboard depending on the level of protection you need. These boxes are supplied as flat pack, and will require taping on construction. We can also supply this packaging with a 1 or 2 coloured print if required – great for branding your product packaging. Find out more »

Full Overlap (Fefco 0203)

full overlapThis box is the same as the Packing Carton Fefco 0201 listed below, but with flaps that completely cover the base and top, creating a full overlap. This is to give extra strength to the cardboard box when assembled and is ideal for packaging heavy products. We can produce this box in a number of different corrugated fluting profiles depending on your unique needs. We can also print these boxes. These will arrive flat packed and strapped for ease of storage. Boxes can be glued or stitched. Find out more »

Packing Carton (Fefco 0201)

packing cartonThe packing carton (Fefco 0201) is the industry standard packing case and the most common type of packing box. It can be manufactured to suit your bespoke length width and depth of your product, ensuring the perfect fit without the need for tooling. We can produce these boxes in a number of different fluting profiles to meet your protection needs. We can also print the boxes if branding is required, which is an inexpensive way of increasing brand awareness. Find out more »

Packing Wallet (Fefco 0401)

packing walletPacking wallets are used to package shallow items. The box itself arrives at your site flat packed, to assemble your product is placed in the centre and you fold the box around your product. The package will then need taping or gluing to secure it. We can also add in buffers for increased protection. An overlap can be added on the flaps to prevent damage to your product if the wallet is cut open when arriving at your customer. A vast majority of Point Of Sale packs are shipped using packing wallets to ensure safe transit. Find out more »

Pizza Style (Fefco 0426)

pizza style boxPizza style boxes aren’t just used for pizzas! In fact, this style of box is often used as a mailer pack. Nuttall Packaging is not food grade certified so we can’t manufacture boxes for direct food contact, we are setup to manufacture secondary food packaging, however we can produce these boxes to fit any other products or components. As with all of our boxes, we can print custom designs or produce them in different thicknesses depending on your requirements. Find out more »

Self Locking (Fefco 0427)

self lockingInitially, these boxes are supplied flat for storage purposes and are very easy to assemble into strong packing style boxes. Designs can be modified to include locking tabs, handles, display panels and more depending on your requirements. We can also include internal division pieces if you require extra protection for your products when they are in transit. We can produce these boxes in a number of different fluting profiles, our designer will be available to tailor this pack quickly and cheaply. Find out more »

Self Locking Tray (Fefco 0422)

self locking traySelf locking trays are stackable when they are loaded with product. Great for packing tins, jars or bottles and are often seen in supermarkets printed with branding and displaying the product. We do offer printing of up to 2 colours on the outside of the packaging to ensure that your branding is recognised. Trays are supplied as flat packed, are are incredibly easy to assemble. Our machinery can cater for all requirements and run sizes. Find out more »