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The Benefits of Using Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a durable material made from paper whose primary use is in the packing industry. It is essentially composed of three layers of thick paper – an outer and inner layer, with a third sheet ruffled into waves (fluting) in between the two. Corrugated cardboard remains one of the most popular forms of packaging and is widely used across a range of different industries including transportation and food.

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How Is Using Corrugated Cardboard Beneficial?

A Sustainable & Recyclable Source

Corrugated packaging is one of the largest sectors within the packaging industry, a commonly used material which not only benefits from being easily recyclable but also from having a high recycle collection rate, making the paper/cardboard production cycle, a sustainable one. According to The Confederation of Paper Industries, (CPI) “Around 80% of UK-made paper utilises recovered paper which is by far the biggest source of recyclate from domestic waste streams.

Approximately 70% of the fibres used to make paper in the UK come from paper collected for recycling, with the other 30% of the wood used in papermaking from virgin wood fibre. The virgin fibres are necessary to give the paper and subsequent cardboard its strength and are harvested from timber grown in sustainably managed and certified forests. Such fast growing forests are actually of great benefit to the environment as they absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide.

It is also worth noting that in the UK less than 5% of all timber extracted is used in paper and pulp production. The majority of extracted timber is used for making furniture and in the construction industry – the timber used in the paper and pulp making process often includes residues left over from other processes such as sawmill residues and forest thinnings.

Minimises Waste Generation

A high percentage of corrugated cardboard is recycled or repurposed – this superior flexibility means that there is minimal waste going into a landfill.


The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are not expensive, therefore making corrugated cardboard an attractive, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to other forms of packaging such as plastic.

Light Weight

Corrugated cardboard is strong and durable, but it also benefits from being lightweight and easily manoeuvrable.

Product Protection

During transportation, corrugated cardboard offers outstanding protection – it is tough and rigid, providing high load capabilities whilst cushioning products at the same time.

Enhanced Branding

Corrugated cardboard also supports a wide range of printing options which can be utilised as an effective tool for marketing and brand awareness.

Flexible Packaging

A vast variety of different shapes and sizes can be made to accommodate the requirements of different organisations.

How We Can Help

We are an innovative and progressive independently owned organisation specialising in the design and manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes. Since 1920, Nuttall Packaging has been producing expertly designed boxes in an environmentally friendly manner, using fully recyclable materials from sustainable sources, to fit individual requirements across a wide range of different industries. Get in touch today for more information.


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