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Making the most of a box

All year long we get involved in designing new packs for customers both new and existing, our full time designer Lee is always looking to get the most use out of a corrugated sheet of board to minimise cost and maximise protection.

At the end of September we were sent 2 different shaped and heavy valves by an existing customer. The brief was for each valve to be packed individually and to offer a box with inserts that protected the vulnerable bits of the valve. The customer was initially expecting to have separate inserts and outer boxes for each one. Once Lee had spoken to the customer he set to work on a design.

Using his knowledge of our CAD software he created 2 inserts that were reversible, this meant each insert was able to be used on either valve by flipping it round. This offered several advantages to our customer. Not only did the pack offer excellent protection whichever valve was packed into the box, but also saved the customer money on origination costs (tooling), saved money on the pack price, space in the warehouse and time when packing the job because the insert didn’t need to be made up differently, once assembled it worked for both valves.

As part of the design we were also asked to drop test the pack, the insert needed to have be strong enough to survive the impact of the fall but not too strong to damage the valve, the initial insert failed the drop test so Lee revised how the insert folded together to solve this problemDrop test on Inserts

I was quite impressed when I had a look at the design and so was our customer. I have included some photos below.

Insert Valve and Insert Overhead Valve in Insert 2 Valves in Inserts Side by Side




2 Valves Packed in Box Side by Side Valve Packed in Box Lee checking the pack Lee making up the pack




If you have a design job that needs looking at then I am sure we can offer a solution. With any new pack or re-design we will always look to make the most of a box.

We are currently working on some shelf ready packs that are ideal for retailers and getting your product noticed on the shelf – images and updated details to follow on next blog

Chris Whalley


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