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high speed casemaker manufacturing plain or printed glued cases

Automatic Casemaker Machine

Our automatic casemaker takes the corrugated board and produces finished boxes, strapped and ready for palletisation in one process ensuring prices are competitive and quality is maintained:

Boxes get called many things, packing boxes, regular slotted cases, shipper boxes for contract packing, transit cases, shipper boxes, export packaging, whatever you call them or use them for we can manufacture them.

We can produce a packing box to the size required in single or double wall corrugated. We can brand the boxes with your logo, website address, packing instructions, barcodes, whatever your requirement we can print this on the boxes to give your box a more professional look, enhance product value and get your company noticed.

Work Examples


Machine Process

Sheetboard for Feeding

Setting up 1Print SetupProduction Efficiency Recycling at Machine sideSetting up 2casemaker productionStrapping Finished CasesFinished Boxes