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Double Walled Cardboard Boxes

Corrugated cardboard in its most basic form consists of layers of paper – a fluted (waved) paper sheet is placed between two sheets of lined paper, an inner and an outer layer and middle liner if double wall, which are then glued together. It is sold in varying forms and thicknesses with different purposes, commonly used variations in the packaging industry include single or double wall.

Corrugated Fluting Profiles

Corrugated cardboard offers a great number of qualities. It is strong and durable but also lightweight, easy to handle and manoeuvre as well as being environmentally friendly and highly cost effective, making it a popular choice for a diverse number of industries.

What Are Double Walled Cardboard Boxes?

Double walled cardboard boxes describe a type of packaging made from corrugated cardboard – constructed using two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes), with a linerboard facing between them. This creates a type of heavy-duty storage box, as two layers of corrugated cardboard are used as opposed to only one used in single wall cardboard. Single wall packaging is constructed using one single flute (three pieces of paper stuck together to form one sturdy sheet). It is commonly used for lightweight products or for postal services.

What Is Double Wall Cardboard Used For?

Doubled wall boxes are the ideal solution for providing protective packaging during transportation or for long-term stacking storage such as archiving or moving home. When packing heavy or fragile items, it may be necessary to have a stronger more durable box. Double wall cardboard is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate varying needs.

During transit, it is highly probable that your item will be subject to knocks, jolts and vibration making the choice of packaging used especially important. The air columns in the corrugated layers provide additional protection by cushioning and reducing the effects of any punctures, vibrations, shocks, or rattles.

Double wall cardboard is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes from fragile and sensitive items to heavy bulky items – put more simply, they can be used for pretty much anything that fits inside the box. There are a number of storage and transportation jobs that require additional protection – possible uses include engineering, contract packers, retail, cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceutical and more.

Do I Need Single or Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard?

The type of packaging will depend very much on individual requirements. Some products may not require robust packaging whereas other will require the superior protection offered by double wall, as it ensures greater protection against any damage which may occur during transit. The strength of double wall cardboard means that boxes can be stacked easily on top of each other, something the traditional single layer may be unable to support. In some cases, single layer may be slightly more economical if double wall is not required, it is also less bulky, taking up less space and producing less waste. In cases where exceptionally high levels of protection are required, triple wall cardboard is used.

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