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Mr CorrugatedEconomic, protective, recyclable and renewable – many benefits that will make you say, “Corrugated, of course!”

If corrugated packaging was invented today, it would no doubt be hailed as a miracle product.

Corrugated packaging offers an unrivalled combination of simplicity, flexibility and fitness for purpose.



The recycling performance of the UK corrugated industry speaks for itself:

  • corrugated cardboard has a recycling rate of 84% in the UK. This is the highest recycling rate of any type of packaging in the UK;
  • as a direct result, every four months an area the size of Greater London is saved from landfill;
  • on average, corrugated boxes manufactured in the UK are made from 76% recycled fibre.;
  • the recycling of paper is not a new concept and industry is proud of its recycling heritage that started over 100 years ago;
  • the recycling loop is so efficient that an old box can be recycled, remade and reused in just two weeks;
  • corrugated boxes are biodegradable and in some cases this will be the preferred disposal method. Consumers can take this opportunity where recycling facilities are not yet available.