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high speed large format casemaker manufacturing plain or printed glued boxes

Large Casemaker


Can we make the boxes bigger? “Yes we can” Our 3.2m wide Casemaker is installed and being geared up for operator training.

Large size cardboard boxes, Pallet size boxes should all fit comfortably on our large casemaker. The flat corrugated cardboard sheet is fed in and out the other side comes the plain or printed boxes strapped and ready to be put on a pallet.

There will be more images and videos to follow

front end     TCE 2500 screen      glue section       endi take off

Where we came from

A long time in the construction: Our new machine is undergoing construction with the factory. It will be similar to our existing casemaker but much larger giving us greater capacity to produce larger 1 piece boxes and making us more competitive on larger packing cases.

I have a few images below of the end section being put together. Gives an idea of just how large this machine will be:

25/11/2014 – Pictures

Feed Section Large CasemakerFeed Section 2

14/09/2014 – Pictures

Carton Stacker 2New Casemaker Carton StackerMotors to be fitted