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Shelf Ready Packaging

There is a real focus within the industry at the moment on shelf ready packaging, with retailers shelf space limited it is important to design a pack that delivers your products to customers in an attractive and affordable display. You will probably have an idea on what budget you have for the display, normally this is worked back to the pence per item within the pack. Because corrugated cardboard is extremely versatile and the industry offers so much choice, there is a seemingly endless number of options to tailor your pack. Designers can look at all aspects of the pack:

  • Alter the style – to suit your pack size, maximise how much of the product is on display, whether the pack needs an overbox or a 1 piece transit and display pack
  • Fluting profiles – to offer the correct product protection and optimise print
  • Inner and outer liners – white inner liners can be used to give the pack a ‘clean’ and ‘fresh’ look or normal brown (kraft or test) to keep cost down and give that rustic look
  • Print – this will be down to the budget within the pack and the audience the product is aimed at when deciding which option is best suited, flexo print offers a good quality and a very reasonable price, you then have digital, screen and litho lam.

Plain Counter Display

Every display pack starts as a blank canvas. Talk to us about what we could to improve sales on your product with a shelf ready pack


Disney Display BaseDisney Counter Display



Flexo printed counter display, with easy and quick to assemble envelope lock base. The product had a lot of ‘on pack’ graphics so the style of the display has been tailored to ensure the product has the maximum amount of visual area to enhance the saleability.



If the pack is done poorly and not easy for retailers to process and put onto shelves you may find your product does not get the benefit you intended, have a look at the examples below from a well know supermarket:

Poor Shelf Ready PackPoor Shelf Ready Display

We have a lot of experience dealing with shelf ready packaging (SRP) and can work with you to create the right type of pack, get in touch by phone 0161 872 7745 or by email to start work.

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