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Winter Product Boxes

Fireworks came early for Nuttall Packaging, one of the print units on our 2 colour printer slotter had an issue that needed some help from our engineers to fix . Our production staff worked hard to keep on top of the orders and with some help from our customers we managed to keep things on track.

At Nuttall Packaging we enjoy getting involved in new designs and as the weather has started to turn colder we have worked with customers on boxes to pack products very suitable for this time of year. The first set of images are a display pack for products to ensure you have all the essentials for winter car care:

Winter Car Box Rear Winter Car Box Side Winter Car Pack Front




Another winter favourite to warm up when its cold is soup and our second set of images show a box designed to hold a bowl and spoon. The bowls are shaped like a pepper, the print run was split to accommodate the different coloured bowls:

Soup Box Assembled Soup Box Flat Soup Box Made Up Soup Box Yellow




If we can work with you on a design for a new product then please get in touch


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