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More Investment in Machinery

It was exciting times at Nuttall Packaging this week, our goods out and deliveries are receiving investment.

The pallet press arrived on Tuesday at the plant, it will be assembled and be put into use to improve our goods out and deliveries. The investment in the new equipment will be joined by a new conveyer system to ensure a smooth workflow from the back of the machines to the press.  This will provide our customers with cleanly strapped and flat topped pallets, that are well presented and stackable.

April will then see our two new delivery vehicles arrive, each one has extra load space over our existing vehicles. This will enable us to get more pallets delivered on each load to ensure our customers are getting the service they expect and deliveries on time.

With all this investment work has been quietly continuing on the new large casemaker, the engineers are telling me that we should be ready to start running trials in June if work continues on schedule. New photos will be going up, so be sure to have a look here


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