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Progress update on Box Factory

There has been a lot happening over the last 2 months in the factory, the pallet press arrived and is in the final stages of being assembled with the conveyor line to feed the pallets full of boxes in to be strapped.

Conveyor Belts

Automatic Conveyoring

Conveyor Control

Unpacking the Press

Engineers at work




Conveyor Belts to Press

Installing Safety Carrier

Coveyor Engineers

Feed Control Conveyor




The large casemaker is also continuing to be put together

Large Casemaker and Pallet Press

This is an aerial view of the large casemaker, the feed section, print units, crease and slotting units, folding rails.


The images below show the various sections of the machine as it is coming together.

New Strapper for Casemaker

Automatic Strapper on Back of Casemaker


Automatic Strapper arriving and then fitted to the back end of the casemaker


Folding Arms Awaiting Painting Folding Rails Partially Painted

Folding Rails


Folding arms and rails awaiting painted and then fitted onto the casemaker


Back end of machine - pre paint and assembly

Back End Of Casemaker


Back end of the machine before and after painting and assembly


Feed Section

Crease and Slot Section Under Folding Rails


Feed Section and Crease/Slot Section off the casemaker


We also had 2 new 7.5tonne vehiles delivered, each vehicle has a tail lift meaning that for customers who don’t have access to a fork lift truck, deliveries no longer need handballing off the wagon. The wagons display our company logo and twitter address, for those that don’t currently follow us on twitter, here is a link to the images – New Delivery Vehicles


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