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In the last blog entry we discussed Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP), looking at the various options available. In this blog I want to have a look at another type of box that we produce a lot of at Nuttall Packaging, the Archive box & lid.Archive Box Structure

This style of box can be done in 2 ways, either as a 1 piece where the lid is attached to the base and folds down over the top, the most popular type is separate base and lid option. Using only single wall corrugated board this type of box is incredibly strong and stackable, because of the way it is assembled and locked together several layers of cardboard overlap. The image on the right shows a close up of the handle on a box, you can see the layers of cardboard folded up inside

Printed Archive Box & Lid



We are also able to print the archive box and lids with assembly instructions, handling instructions, company logos, reference tables etc… Have a look at the image to the left for an idea and example of print.



A quick image guide to making up a standard archive box is below:

Archive Assembly Step 1 Archive Assembly Step 2 Archive Assembly Step 3 Archive Assembly Step 4 Archive Assembly Step 4b Archive Assembly Step 5 Archive Assembly Step 6 Archive Assembly Finished




If you would like to see some more details about this box then click here. If you have a requirement for a new size archive box and lid or want a quote using one of our existing sizes then give us a call on 0161 872 7745 and talk to our sales team.

I hope January has been a busy and successful one for you and we hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks, Chris


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